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Task Card System

Explaining 'The Task Card System' 

by MadyPlans

How It Started

"The Task Card System is a planning method I started using in 2018 to save room in my pocket size planner and to avoid rewriting the same tasks over and over again.

I labeled removable page flags with my weekly/daily tasks and used them to pre-plan in my agenda before the pen. I also used the task flags on my inbox as reminders and started using the cards to categorize my tasks into groups.

Organizing my tasks into categories like home, office, cleaning, etc onto credit card size transparent task cards helped me migrate my tasks from my pocket planner to my A5 Agenda so I could use them in whichever planner I happened to be in.

The cards acted as a vehicle to move categories of tasks around my agenda and they also helped me to develop a routine. 

Soon, I was using them mainly for reference, and they added an aesthetically pleasing way to functionally decorate my agenda. Having my routine consistently reinforced each time I opened my agenda helped me to solidify habits and plan more efficiently.

Today, I continue using them for tentative planning, for reference, and for maintaining my routines." Owner + Founder, Mady Lopez

How To Use Them 

Tentative Planning 

The repositionable task tabs can be placed in your weekly or daily spread to create an adjustable outline. 

As a planner perfectionist.. there's nothing worse than having to cross off plans. But if there's one thing we all know, change is inevitableTask Card System Weekly Plan
Using the Task Tabs helps plan the day while giving you the freedom to move plans around as the day/week changes. 
Instead of crossing out items on your schedule, pre-plan with the removable Task Tabs to create a free flowing outline.

If your plans change, simply move the page flag to reschedule. When you're ready to set your plans in place, go ahead and put it in writing. 

Repetitive Tasks

When you fall into a routine, planning certain tasks can feel.. repetitive
If you feel like you're rewriting the same day over and over again, switch to the Task System. Place the task wherever it fits into your plan, then simply remove + reuse it again the next day.
This works great for everyday tasks that you don't want to jot down each morning, but still want to leave yourself a reminder. For example.. emails! 
This can also save precious time in the morning or at night when creating your daily plan. If you have multiple repetitive tasks, it may take more of your time to rewrite your task list versus simply moving the task flags.

Or.. skip that step all together and just glance at your Task Card in the morning for a quick reminder of your daily task list.

Developing a Routine

If you don't yet HAVE a routine, we can help you develop one! To Do Task Card

Task Cards can be used as a reference for daily/weekly tasks. Keep them in the front of your agenda or on your desk to remind yourself of important to do's and reference them often to help build a routine. 

Organize each card from most important to least important, am to pm, or most frequent to least frequent.
Making sure they are visible in your agenda/ workspace will give you that consistent reinforcement you need to adopt your desired habits.

Most importantly, create a system that works for you. Play around with the Task Cards, add your own DIY components, or integrate them with other systems in your agenda to get the most out of your planner.