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CASAVICI Owner, Mady Lopez's Story

"Since I was in grade school, planning and organization have always been a huge part of my life. When other kids were saving money to buy candy and toys, I was in the office supply isle looking for new sticky notes and page flags. Since then, my love for planning has grown into what is now MadyPlans

I created my YouTube Channel in 2015 while setting up my University Agenda. Shortly after, I created my Instagram account. My love for organizing grew exponentially after stumbling upon the #planningcommunity. Not knowing this online community existed, I was ecstatic to see so many other planner obsessed creators sharing photos of their agendas, too. 


But my passions don’t stop at planning. In fact, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Planning is the vehicle I use to build a life full of happiness and success. The real joy arrives when I see my plans finally become reality.  

My background in Digital Marketing allowed me to put my creativity and education into practice. After helping other brands grow their presence online, increase sales, and become top competitors in their field, I decided it was my turn to make my dreams come true.

Merging my two passions in life now seems like a no-brainer, however, it was not in my original plan. This is an example of how plans can change, evolve, and become even greater than you ever expected.

I'm so excited to launch my very own line of organizational tools and planning solutions through CASAVICI.

With this company, I aim to serve my community, family, friends, (and myself) with the planning and home organization tools I’ve always dreamed of. Having a luxurious, meticulously organized home and office space shouldn’t just be for the few, but for the many women who take pride in creating and maintaining beauty + balance in their lives.

Starting with the home office, we strive to bring you gorgeous planning tools, refined organization systems, and elevated office supplies that you’ll absolutely love. But we’re not stopping there. You can expect to conquer every area of your home with CASAVICI."



Mady Lopez

CASAVICI Owner + Founder Mady Lopez

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