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Daily Self-Alignment Guided Notepad

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This double-sided daily checklist is designed to help you center yourself through self-care tasks shown to help with increased motivation, a boost in energy, and a more positive outlook. 
If self-care is a priority for you as we head into the new year, challenge yourself to complete all 15 Self-Alignment tasks each day for maximum personal growth.

This 4x6 light grey notepad is bound of the left side and you'll find a blank checklist on the back side of each page. Utilize this space for your gratitude list, daily highlights, goal planning, or re-purpose them for your next grocery list.

  • 4x6 in.
  • 50 sheets double-sided (blank checklists on back)
  • light grey paper 
  • left bound
  • 15 self-care tasks for mind body and soul